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Founded in 1992, MDS Arabia is a conglomerate holding company headquartered in Riyadh and englobes entities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Turkey.

MDS Arabia runs a well established network of diversified businesses – such as Computers, Software, Data Centers, Telecom and Communications, Hospitality, Power Generation and Transmission and Electro-Mechanical Systems. Each Group Company operates independently and each of them have built tremendous reputation in the entire Middle East Region – in terms of dynamism, values, integrity and professionalism – while delivering business results consistently. 

MDS Arabia with its group companies has been successfully servicing the emerging markets of the Middle East. 

We provide professional services such as:

Strategic Consulting Services
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Vision & Mission


To expand market share by focusing on different market segments through discrete channels.


Each entity is based on a cellular model with its own autonomous management and partnerships.


To grow utilizing internal financial and human resources.

Our Approach

MDSA Arabia and its group companies strongly believe in developing a deep understanding of the businesses they serve and partner with. This helps in consistently delivering solutions that are uniquely-designed and reimagined for a truly outstanding customer experience.

With over five decades of responsible business practices, our companies have grown into dominant powerhouses in a number of sectors.

MDS Arabia is built on a strong foundation of stakeholder value creation.

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