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April and May 2003

A - MDS Arabia have signed an exclusive representation agreement with CYBERGUARD (USA)
covering all areas of the Group activities.

CyberGuard Corporation is a leading provider of network security solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and governments worldwide.CyberGuard’s award winning industrial strength firewall and security products protect the integrity of data and applications from hackers and digital thieves,
The Company designs products and services that prevent unauthorized Internet and network access while enabling corporations and government organizations to benefit from internet , intranet and extranet applications such as electronic commerce. The Company has its world headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and branch offices worldwide. one of the leading companies in Data communications and in Software solutions. a security Solutions provider.

A large contract for FIREWALLS implementation from Cyberguard (USA) was signed lately with ARAMCO.

B – MDS Saudi Arabia / Riyadh Computer and Communications Division have been granted a contract by the Ministry of Health for an amount of 4.5 MUS$ to expand and develop the Computer system and network at the Riyadh Medical Complex.

C – MDS-Integration Solutions have been granted a contract by SAUDI TELECOM Company (STC) for an amount of 4.8 MUS$ to implement a system preventing FRAUD .This project is for a three years period subject to extension since this is the first phase of a long term assignment.


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